Cast: Alex Kingston, Hugh Grant

Song: Leave This City - Edmund

Since the sudden death of her husband, Christine Mathews (Kingston) hasn’t been herself, and in an effort to regain control of her life, her self and her mourning, she decides she needs to get away. She travels to Bristol where she meets William (Grant) a collected but lonely¬†novelist¬†who seems to have made Christine his new muse.

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Mad TV parody of ER. I’ve only seen one episode and I find this hilarious.

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I hate that I know she marries Mark, not Peter.

I hate that I know she marries Mark, not Peter.

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Anyone have any screen caps of River in her ‘cat burgler’ outfit from The Pandorica Opens?


it would very much make my day if you would share them if you do.

*flutters eyelashes* pwease?

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She’s so purty

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I can hear a symphonyA perfect crystal melodyAnd I just can’t stop smiling at youI just can’t stop smiling

I can hear a symphony
A perfect crystal melody
And I just can’t stop smiling at you
I just can’t stop smiling

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I should not be able to tell that this naked photo of Alex I stumbled upon (whilst finding pics to put on my wall) is fake solely on the fact I know her boobs are smaller than that.
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I’ve got 28 photos on 12 pages I want to print out and put on my wall, and I haven’t even started looking for Matt Smith ones.

The 28 may or may not all be Alex Kingston.

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Just something I made up really quickly, it’s nothing amazing, but I couldn’t not make it :P

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