shout out to Celeste (and Spence?) for the original concept.

shout out to Celeste (and Spence?) for the original concept.

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Anyone have any screen caps of River in her ‘cat burgler’ outfit from The Pandorica Opens?


it would very much make my day if you would share them if you do.

*flutters eyelashes* pwease?

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I can hear a symphonyA perfect crystal melodyAnd I just can’t stop smiling at youI just can’t stop smiling

I can hear a symphony
A perfect crystal melody
And I just can’t stop smiling at you
I just can’t stop smiling

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She says “Hello Sweetie” with a loving smile and he threatens “Get out” with a glare.

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Just something I made up really quickly, it’s nothing amazing, but I couldn’t not make it :P

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I got bored :-P


I got bored :-P

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Doctor Who Giveaway!

I have Doctor Who, Season 3 Vol. 4 Dvd to giveaway, that i’ve only watched a handful of times. I now own the entire Series 3 boxset so have no use for this anymore. Also i have 2 Doctor Who books, The Pirate Loop and Wishing Well. The first picked winner will get a choice, then the second will choose from the remaining two, and a third person will get the remaining prize.


  • You must be following as i want to give it away to a follower and not some random person who knows how to reblog.
  • You can reblog up to 5 times only.
  • Likes will not count, but feel free to like the post
  • Deadline is the 19th of August (UK time)
  • I will ship internationally and winner will be randomly picked.
  • I will contact the 1st winner within 24hours, and then the 2nd and 3rd once the winners have decided on their prize, ask boxes must be enabled!

If you have any questions feel free to ask on either this account, or my personal (which i am on most of the time).

(make sure you reblog as text so that all the information can be seen)

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