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This is so bloody brilliant. And I don’t know why I’m cursing. I’m not even British. 

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Amy: How could you remember? He mentioned you’d die if you…?
Donna: He talked about me, did he? He better have. I didn’t risk my sanity just to become his sloppy human leftovers. (she pauses and frowns at the sky for a few seconds before moving on) Wilfred did mention something about my brain turning into porridge if I strained me-self, so I didn’t push it. But, Amy there’s a chunk of my life missing, a bunch of memories that are there but at the same time they’re not? d’you know what that feels like?
Amy: (Amy barely manages not to smirk at the thought) Don’t get me started.
Donna: The memories from those years that got put in instead of my time with him, they feel like a replacement, like a photograph of the real thing. It’s like waking up and trying to remember what you’d just been dreamin’ about. It’s all fuzzy and blurry and you just know it wasn’t real. That it was all just a product of your brain trying to fill the spaces in between.
Amy: (Amy hesitates, afraid that if she pushes Donna, she might hurt her) When did you know you were starting to remember?
Donna: Blimey, where do I start? There’s that shade of blue that slows me down, no matter what I’m doing! I just have to stop and look at it and sometimes…(she smiles again, clearly confused but happy nonetheless)…I feel this itch at the back of my hands, like I have to go. I have to move. To run like I’m being chased. To see the world. ‘Cos if I sit still I’m afraid I’ll explode.
Amy: That sounds like a life with him alright. I still don’t think…it would be possible? He made sure you wouldn’t remember, and this is the Doctor we’re talking about; he wouldn’t risk you getting hurt because of him, would he?
Donna: (she sighs and tries to blink away the tears forming at the corners of her eyes) Oh, Amy. He taught me that I was worth believing in. That’s not something even he can erase with his psychic rubbish.

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Part 2 ~ (part 1)

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I’m making a fan video about the Doctor, and I’m trying to use all the really awesome quotes (in the show) about him. I’m trying to make sure I have most of them, or at least the most popular ones, so I was hoping you could tell me; what are your favourite quotes about the Doctor and who he is/what he is/what he does?

Please let me know by dropping a message in my ask or by answering this post. :)

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